Have pests taken control of your home? Thankfully, were here to help! At Albuquerque Exterminator Near Me, we work tirelessly to find someone you can trust. Our staff at Albuquerque Exterminator Near Me is at the ready to help those who live in the Albuquerque area. We can get you in contact with a professional company in your community. We have a vast network of pest control companies, who can be at your home within the same day.

Services We Are Able To Help With

When you have pests, you dont need to look through the huge amount of listings available online. We will do all we can to get you someone who has experience with the specific pests that plague your home. The specific pests we can help get rid of covers but is not limited to ants, termites, and more.

Cockroaches Can be Trouble To You and Your Home

Invasive cockroaches are a typical pest homeowners are forced to deal with. The important reason we want to squash a roach invasion is because they can damage your home. Locating the cockroaches is enough to freak you out.

On top of being nasty and gross, roaches can contaminate your home by leaving droppings with bacteria all over the house. This can be harmful because roaches can cause allergic reactions in grown-ups. They will also eat everything, which may lead to food poisoning.

Ants Are Hard To Get Rid Of

Most homeowners are unaware that certain ants cause just as much damage to your family's home as termites. Much like termites, carpenter ants cause a great amount of damage to the your houses wood structure. Rather than eating wood, carpenter ants cause devastation from their tunneling. These ants are menacing since they are hidden in walls and other wood surfaces making them tough to find.

All types of ants are capable of biting, using their mandibles and their mouth to pinch the skin if they feel they will be harmed. These bites, while slightly painful, are usually not a serious problem unless you do not care for the wound. Ants are a typical food source for other pests, meaning other pests may enter your home to live off the ants in your home.

Rodents in Your Home Is Disgusting

Different kinds of rodents can pass diseases that are destructive to humans. Did you ever hear of the Black Plague and the repercussions from it? The people of Europe had rodents to thank for that terrible mess. Diseases that rats carry are seen in other parts of the world more commonly, but you still dont want these little guys running around your home.

Pests will eat just about everything whatsoever they can get into. They can use their little teeth to chew all the way through cardboard, wood, wallboards, and insulation. Rats will as well get into electrical wires. Rodents exposing electrical wiring are guilty for 25% of house fires in the states.

Only Two Species Of Spiders Are Life-threatening

Spiders, believe it or not, can do more good than harm inside your house. Most spiders ingest up to 2,000 insects per year, because of that other insects stay out of your house. They will go face-to-face with other spiders, helping to put a stop to a larger spider infestation going on inside your house.

However, spiders do bite and their bites can make a spot on your skin that can be painful. Luckily only two type of spiders in the US are lethal. Spiders leave behind cobwebs that leave a very hideous appearance.

Only Two Kinds Of Scorpions Are Harmful

Its a fairly common misconception that scorpions live exclusively near barren areas or near construction sites. Scorpions can pop up in any location, even in your place of residence. Only one species of scorpion in the United States is viscous enough to kill humans, but all scorpion stings are still agonizing.

If you find yourself having to handle scorpions, its best to locate an exterminator who specializes in scorpions. This is a result of scorpions being resilient and they do not react to pesticides the way other bugs do. We can help you locate an exterminator who has specific plans for the spraying of scorpions.

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